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I’m not going to take all the blame for what follows.

The original idea came from a message conversation with Stuart Grant. He had possibly not his greatest ever idea: a list of the most annoying songs in music history. …


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Sometimes Springsteen takes a 180-degree handbrake turn following a huge commercial hit — think Tunnel of Love after Born in The USA or Nebraska after The River.

These changes of direction serve to show his incredible ability to not rest on safe artistic laurels and have gained him critical and…


Photo by the author of my original copy of the album

I didn’t know we were poor until I was five. I thought every dad built bikes for their kids from discarded frames fished out of skips, streams and flooded WWII bomb craters.

And I thought everyone wore clothes passed on from your older cousin and then passed them on again…


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It’s the start of the Dark Half when the boundary to the Otherworld is at its weakest. The souls of the deceased, the Aos Sí, will move more easily into our world on this night; they will return to their former homes and loved ones for one night.

Many now…


Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk
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Throughout history, we’ve seen clusters of expertise develop suddenly in a geographical region. This has been seen with the industrial revolution in Britain and the technological revolution on the West Coast of the USA, for example.

The same cluster phenomenon appears in western pop music. The explosion of the ‘Merseybeat’…

The Beatles and a turntable
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The first moon landing, the Sept 11th attack, and the fall of the Berlin Wall; some historic moments stay with you forever and you remember exactly what you were doing when they happened.

The Beatles provided many historic moments. For Americans, the first was their appearance on the Ed Sullivan…


three monkeys playing indstruments and singing
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Many rock stars were destined for a musical career: Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Prince all came from musical families, for example. However, some famous musician’s careers could have taken an entirely different turn and some had an upbringing that was most definitely not conducive to a musical career.

Joe Strummer



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Are you a rocker? Maybe you’re into deep angst-ridden music, Radiohead, Bjork perhaps. You could be a folkie or prefer indie rock. Modern R&B?

Whatever genre you like, sometimes a catchy tune comes along that is completely out of your style and worse, more than a little cheesy.

It’s time…


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I called out to my nan. Her high-backed armchair creaked from the next room and the bare wooden floorboards groaned. “Comin’.” Her gruff Cockney accent cut through the warm school holiday air.

She plodded heavily into the middle room. I guessed I’d got my athletic frame from my mum’s side…


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I’m Mortified. Distraught. Disturbed and traumatised.

While compiling the worst UK №1 hits — The Most Appalling №1 Hits Ever, I discovered to my horror that a list of ten was nowhere near long enough.

Worse still, people reminded me about other songs I had forgotten; I guess my brain…

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